Cleaning equipment

To perform the cleaning with good quality, it is important that we have access to the right cleaning equipment.

Cleaning equipment to have at home

In order for us to be able to do a good job, we want you to have the following equipment at home:

  • Cleaning cloths (at least six microfiber cloths)
  • Cleaning sponges (at least two are needed)
  • Vacuum cleaner with available extra vacuum cleaner bag (cordless vacuum cleaners unfortunately do not work so well for our service, we are happy to communicate with you about this)
  • Mop and bucket
  • Cleaning detergents (suggested all-purpose clean, soap, washing-up liquid, Cif, WC-clean)

Please wash used cloths and sponges between cleanings. The cleaner leaves these in a place specified by you and you can store the material in the cleaning cabinet after washing, so the cleaner has fresh cloths for each cleaning.

Remember not to use fabric softener when washing the microfiber cloths, if you do the effect goes away!