Environmentally friendly cleaning products

Tidy.nu offers home cleaning with environmentally friendly cleaning products from the Swedish company Pure Effect – deep clean all materials with care for you as well as our nature. The products are based on efficient biotechnology and clean deep down to the smallest pores of the materials.

Biotechnical detergents

Part of our everyday life

Biotechnology means using nature’s own logic, microorganisms, to create products that we benefit from in our society. Biotechnology, bacterial cultures and enzymes are used today in all possible areas, from purifying water in water treatment plants to producing film milk that we eat. Or to clean the home!

Sustainable cleaning is our future

day, “clean” means more than just getting rid of dirt. More and more people are choosing environmentally friendly cleaning products with care for people, the environment and the materials around us. Biotechnology is a gentle and at the same time effective alternative that greatly reduces the use of chemicals in our everyday lives. An agent for all surfaces replaces the mix of chemical bottles with traditional cleaning. Switching to biotechnology spares the sea, air, plants, animals – and of course you and your family.

Documented harmless

All microbiological life is divided into four classes. The bacteria found in the products we use belong to class 1 and are documented to be harmless to humans, animals and nature.

Clean longer

The detergent we use deeply cleanses and leaves an active biofilm that continues to clean even after cleaning. The microorganisms continue to break down dirt and keep away odor-producing bacteria.

Used by professionals

Detergents based on biotechnology are not really new on the market. The products have been used in professional cleaning for fifteen years, including by municipalities, schools, airports, amusement parks and large companies.

Delivery to the door

If you use our detergent subscription, you do not need to think about buying detergents anymore, we deliver these to you continuously as they are consumed.

Read more about the products at Pure Effects website

Pssst! If you would rather that we use your own cleaning products, we are happy to do so!

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