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Book a deep cleaning or a regular one-time cleaning. Our professional cleaners are experts at both.

We offer deep cleaning in Stockholm and Uppsala.

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Deep cleaning

Become a customer and book your cleaning today – with a satisfaction guarantee

Book your Deep cleaning with us, we offer a satisfaction guarantee and our cleaners are insured through a liability and accident insurance.The cleaners are experienced, trained and covered by collective agreements.

Our cleaning is performed according to careful checklists so that nothing is missed.Below you can see what is included in our standard cleaning and what is included in our deep cleaning. Please note that we can always adapt the checklists to your wishes.

We fix all errors and deficiencies free of charge. The guarantee applies provided that we are notified via e-mail, preferably with a picture attached, no later than 72 hours after cleaning.

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Prices deep cleaning

Price per hour 265 SEK after RUT

Price deep cleaning

Our hourly rate after RUT is 286 SEK (WAT included). We charge a minimun of 2,5 hours per occanssion.

Combination offer – cleaning and babysitting

If you hire for house cleaning and for childcare, you get a discount on both services through our combination offer.

Required time deep cleaning

The time required can vary, but we expect at least 2.5 hours per cleaning occasion

Required time – deep cleaning

Several things come into play in assessing how long your home takes to clean. It can be about the design of the house, furniture, number of bathrooms and much more. Below you can see a rough estimate of the time required depending on how many square meters the cleaning object is.

Required time


Standard cleaning
Deep cleaning

The quick steps of the process

From first contact to follow-up.

kund nannynu


Send request

You contact us by phone, email or form on the website
Send request


Additional information

By phone or email you will receive further information about our routines and we will collect the information we need from you to carry out the assignment.


Time suggestion

We give a suggestion on time and date for a start.



The cleaning is performed in accordance with the agreed checklist and we immediately follow up the first cleaning.

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