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We remove both splashes and streaks on your windows – always with a satisfaction guarantee

We offer window cleaning in Stockholm, Uppsala, Västerås and Göteborg.

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Spotless windows

We clean both windows and frames, with or without bars

Window cleaning

Newly cleaned windows that let the sun shine through makes a big difference in your home and achieving a really good result can be a challenge. Our window cleaners come equipped with both tools and knowledge to make your windows crystal clear.

We clean both windows and window frames on windows with or without bars, depending on what you want to include in the order. In the form below, you can specify how many windows you have and which elements are to be included. When we have received your request, we will let you know if we have any follow-up questions and then send a free quote where all costs and work steps are stated.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Should miss something or not achieve a sufficiently good result, our satisfaction guarantee is applied, which means that we will return free of charge and rectify any deficiencies as soon as we have the opportunity. For this to apply, you need to notify us in writing, and feel free to attach photos, no later than 72 hours after the window cleaning has been carried out.

Fill in the form below and we will get back to you within 1 workday with price information and booking proposals.

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Price window cleaning

The window cleaning is offered based on the number of windows and work steps

Price window cleaning

The price for window cleaning can vary depending on several factors, the most important of which are how many windows are included in the order, how many sides are to be cleaned, which work steps are to be included and whether the windows are latticed or not. Each window cleaning is therefore offered individually. Some approximate price examples of window cleaning are:


  • 10 windows (2 sides without bars) = ca 450kr after RUT
  • 10 windows (4 sides without bars) = ca 700kr after RUT
  • 10 windows (2 sides with bars) = ca 750kr after RUT
  • 10 windows (4 sides with bars) = ca 900kr after RUT

Combination offer – cleaning and babysitting

If you hire Tidynu! for house cleaning and Nannynu! for childcare, you get a discount on both services through our combination offer.

The quick steps of the process

From request to clean and shiny windows

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Send request

You contact us via phone, mail och form at the website.
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Additional information

By phone or email you will receive further information about our routines and we will collect the information we need from you to carry out the assignment.



We send a clear quote with specified work steps in accordance with your wishes.



Fönsterputsningen utförs i enlighet med er beställning. Should something be missed, you notify us within 72 hours and we will come as soon as possible and fix any misstakes.

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