Shiela Lynn Rönndalen,
städare på Tidynu!

”As a cleaner, i always do my best and i always treat the customers assigned to me as my family”

Shiela Lyn Rönndalen, städare på Tidynu!

To work as a cleaner at Tidynu!

What do you appreciate most about your work at Tidynu?

What i like most about my work in Tidynu is the company really care their employees (us as cleaners), give us good benefits, insurance, good pay and of course they always make sure that we´re comfortable and happy with our work. Tidynu takes good care of both cleaners and customers. They always have open ears to listen us.

We know you are very appreciated among the costumers, how do you keep them so happy?

As a cleaner, i always do my best and i always treat the customers assigned to me as my family. I didn’t go to their homes just to clean and be paid but i go to their homes to help them and to make their life little easier. I considered their homes as my home too so i always make sure that i clean their home very well and do extra things if i still have remaining time. I make sure also to have little time to talk to them if they are at home.

What would you recommend new cleaners to do to achieve good results?

I would recommend new cleaners to love their work. If they love the work then they can give the BEST cleaning to all the customers assigned to them. Build a relationship of trust to them (customers) and do the work with 100 percent honesty. Be meticulous and do the cleaning steps details by details.

What do you do when you are not working at Tidynu?

When i am not working in Tidynu, i always spend my time cleaning our home, cooking and spending time with my husband and of course talk to my family in Philippines.