Veckans stjärnbarnvakt

– Nina från Täby

  • 2019-04-17
  • Veckans stjärna
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Veckans stjärnbarnvakt

Varje vecka blir en av våra 1400 barnvakter utnämnd.

Nina Tonchev nannynu barnvakt

Nina är en av våra engelsktalande barnvakter. Hon är 32 år och bor i Täby, Stockholm. Hon har arbetat hos Nannynu! sedan februari 2019. Idag jobbar Nina åt en familj i Täby. Hon studerar svenska och jobbar även med att ta fram en läroplan som ska fokusera på att ge stöd till mödrar som har utsatts för våld i hemmet. På sin fritid försöker hon spendera så mycket tid hon kan i naturen. Vi på Nannynu! tycker att Nina gör ett toppenjobb med barnen hon passar och vill därför lyfta fram henne som veckans stjärnbarnvakt. Läs intervjun med Nina nedan.

Why do you think it is fun to work as a babysitter?

Being a nanny is a fun and exciting job, it also comes with a great amount of responsibilities. For me, witnessing the children reach new milestones is one of the biggest pros of the job. Spending time with the kids and their families everyday makes you feel as if you are part of the family. Seeing the kids grow in front of your eyes is truly satisfying.

Why do you like to work at Nannynu!?

I have been employed at NannyNu! for two months now. One of the first impression I was left with was the professionalism, friendliness, and approachability of the team members that I have had come in contact with. The company itself creates a warm and inviting environment which I believe is essential for any business.

What does the children you take care of like to do?

I am currently working with a pair of twins who are 11 months old and the activities we participate in vary. One of the twins is very active and enjoys dancing and activities that involve movement and motor development. The other one enjoys puzzles, constructing and other cognition stimulating activities.

What is your best tip to other babysitters?

• Be creative! Be invested! Have fun!

Working with children can be very exciting and fulfilling. It teaches you a great deal of patience and responsibility. Few other jobs allow for the endless use of your imagination. And remember that you are not only teaching children, but are learning twice as much from them as well.

How did you hear about Nannynu!?

I saw a job posting at Indeed.

Here our weekly star babysitter tell us about an ordinary workday:

I start work at 7:50 in the morning. Usually when I arrive the kids have had eaten breakfast already. We engage in fun activities until it is time for the morning nap. If the weather permits it, we go out for a nice long walk which is followed by snacks, more fun and games, and of course a tasty lunch!

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