Veckans stjärnbarnvakt

– Jodette från Ingarö

  • 2018-11-08
  • Veckans stjärna
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Veckans stjärnbarnvakt

Varje vecka blir en av våra 1400 barnvakter utnämnd.

Jodette Ann Juayan nannynu barnvakt

Jodette is 25 years old and lives in Ingarö, Värmdö. She has been working at Nannynu! since august of 2018. Today Jodette is working for two families that lives at Värmdö, close to her home. When she is not working as a babysiter she is either in school or at her other job at a Cafe. We at Nannynu! thinks that Jodette is doing a great job with the children she is babysitting and therefore we would like to nominate her to the starbabysitter of the week. Read the interview with Jodette below.

We are very happy with Jodette! Everything is working great.”
Jodettes family that she is babysitting for

Why do you think it is fun to work as a babysitter?

Working as a babysitter feels wonderful. I have always enjoyed looking after children. They make our days happier. And also, its a rewarding kind of feeling to be able to help out or contribute into making somebody else’s life easier.

Why do you think it is fun to work at our babysitting company Nannynu!?

NannyNu! is taking good care of their nannies. You don’t really feel any hesitations when talking to them because they are very approachable, easy to reach out and you know you will always get the help you need. NannyNu! makes me feel safe, it is fair and always makes sure that both sides, the family and the nanny, are happy and getting along well.

What does the children you are watching like to do?

I am looking after an 11-months-old baby. He is very curious and always wants to see whats going on around him. He enjoys music and nature, especially birds! The other kids I’m looking after enjoys reading with their favorite books and respective Ipads. They also love playing with their cat.

What is your best tip to other babysitters?

My best tip to other babysitters is to really take time to understand and know them better. Most importantly, care for them and love them like your own family member because children will always be able to feel the warmth of your affection towards them.

How did you hear about Nannynu!?

I found out about NannyNu! through internet while I was searching for nanny jobs.

Below Jodette is describing how a normal workday looks for her:

Most of my working days would be; strolling around the area where we are or at a park, I would feed the baby and put him to sleep and play with him when he is awake. When I’m with the other kids, we usually would prepare dinner, fix our dishes afterwards and later on relax in the living room. If we don’t watch movies, we would be reading some books or they would be playing with their respective ipads.

Jodette Ann Juayan nannynu barnvakt


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