Welcome to Tidynu!

We provide cleaning services in Stockholm, Uppsala, Gothenburg and Västerås

Eco-friendly house cleaning servies by Tidynu!

Tidynu! is a cleaning company working in Stockholm, Göteborg, Uppsala and Västerås. Our goal is to facilitate your family’s everyday life by offering high quality home cleaning with personal commitment. We protect our environment and therefore use environmentally friendly, biotechnical cleaning detergents. Tidynu! is a sister company to the childcare company Nannynu! which has been active since 2007.

Home cleaning – 220 SEK per hour efter the RUT-deduction

You are able to use the RUT-deduction when booking our cleaning service. This means that you only pay half the cleaning cost (up to 50,000 per year per person). We at Tidynu!, provided with the right information, will take care of administration and reporting to the Tax Agency.


SEK 99 per month for biotechnical cleaning detergents from Pure Effect. If you want us to use your own products, we will not charge you anything extra.

Time estimation – home cleaning

Several things play a role in the assessment of how long time your home takes to clean, but below is a rough estimation of how long time we expect a normal home cleaning (carried out every two weeks) to take. Please note that a start and a major house cleaning take longer time. All homes are different, so times may vary from the list below. We will call you during the cleaning and ask for more time if that is needed, and after the first cleaning we can get back to you with a more exact assessment for future cleanings.

1-50 sqm: 2,5 hours (our minimum time to book for cleaning)
50-75 sqm: 3 hours
75-100 sqm: 3,5 hours
100-130 sqm: 4 hours
130-170 sqm: 5 hours
170-200 sqm: 6 hours

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Work with us

We are always looking for more colleagues, if you are interested in working with us please contact us or send us you application.




070-712 82 40

Checklist – standard

In every room

•         Vacuuming floors and carpets

•         Wiping of floors and moldings

•         Wiping of visible stains on doors

•         Wiping of furniture, free surfaces (maximum 180 cm)

•         Wiping of free surfaces

•         Polishing of mirrors

•         Emptying trash

Bathroom and toilet

•         Cleaning of toilet, shower / tub and tiles

•         Cleaning the faucet and sink

•         Wiping of bathroom cabinets (exterior and mirror)

•         Wiping of tiles at the sink

•         Cleaning appliances (exterior)


•         Cleaning of kitchen sink, countertop and tiles

•         Wiping of free surfaces and kitchen tables

•         Wiping of kitchen cabinets and drawers (exterior)

•         Wiping of appliances and kitchen fan (exterior)

Did we miss something? Call us and we’ll take action as soon as we can!

Extra services

Sometimes it can be nice to get help with a little more! The following items are not included in the standard cleaning, but we are happy to help you with these as well.
We offer
oven cleaning
Refrigerator – (interior)
Dishwasher – (interior)
Laundry / folding of laundry
Watering of flowers
Window cleaning

The same hourly rate applies to all the above services, except for window cleaning where we offer a fixed price based on the number of windows.

Talk to our customer support (please don´t ask your cleaner directly) if you are interested in our extra services. In some cases, it is possible to combine the extra service with an ordinary cleaning session and just add some extra time, in other cases we schedule a new time.

Checklist – major cleaning

These are the items we perform at a major cleaning. If you want us to do something more, it’s no problem, just tell us and we’ll fix it.

Every room (kitchen and bathroom included)

•         Vacuuming floors

•         Mopping floors

•         Wiping moldings

•         Vacuuming sofa (in, behind and under)

•         Vacuuming armchairs (in the back and under)

•         Vacuuming bed (under and behind)

•         Linen change (if the customer has provided clean bedding)

•         Tables, chairs and other furniture

•         Paintings

•         Shelves

•         Doors

•         Lamp buttons & wall sockets

•         Small carpets – removed and shaken

•         Large carpets – vacuuming on and under

•         Radiators

•         Ceiling lights

•         Emptying trash

Specific for kitchen

•         Stove

•         Washbasin and worktop

•         Tiles over the sink

•         Cupboards under the sink

•         Cabinets (exterior)

•         Dishwasher (exterior and filter)

Specific for bathroom

•         Toilet

•         Cleaning behind the toilet seat

•         Basin

•         Tiles

•         Mirrors

•         Shower / tub

•         Washer / dryer (exterior, detergent compartment & filter)

•         Cabinets fronts

•         Drainpipes beneath the basin

•         Inside the bathroom cabinet (if emptied by the customer)

•         If there is a bathtub and the customer remove the ”wall / shell” on the bathtub, we clean it underneath

•         Floor drain

Did we miss something? Call us and we’ll act as soon as possible!

Cancellation and cancellation policy

When can I cancel?

Of course, we prefer to get cancellations as early as possible. However, you have the right to cancel and reschedule for free up to 24 weekend-free hours before the start of a cleaning occasion, otherwise half the price will be charged according to agreement. Note that this cost is not valid for RUT-deduction.

If you wish to cancel a cleaning immediately after a weekend / red day, you must therefore contact us at the latest 17:00 the day before the start of the weekend. This is due to our office being unmanned during weekends / red days.

In case of cancellation when the cleaner has already arrived to your home, the full price of the cleaning will be charged. Note that this cost is not valid for RUT deduction.

How do I cancel?

Cancellation of individual cleaning occasions must be made to phone number 070-791 32 95. This is our on-call number where you can always reach us between the hours 06:30 – 17:00 during weekdays. The phone is checked 06:30 every weekday morning.

If the cancellation is made in any other way, we cannot give any guarantee that the cancellation will reach us in time and therefore cancellations made by e-mail or to a telephone number other than 070-791 32 95 are considered invalid. We reserve the right to fully charge you for a cleaning when a cancellation is made to any channel other than our on-call number.

What do I do if someone in the family gets sick the day we have cleaning?

If you cancel or reschedule with less than 24 hours left until the start of the cleaning session, we will charge you for the cleaning according to the rules mentioned above. We are grateful if you let us know in case someone is home due to illness during the cleaning occasion, if you do not plan on cancelling the cleaning.

My cleaner gets sick – what happens?

We always try to notify you as soon as we know that your regular cleaner / maid has become ill. We strive to always be able to offer a substitute at your regular time or a new time as close to the regular time as possible. We will never send another person to your home without letting you know. However, it is not always possible to offer a new cleaning time, which is why we reserve the right to cancel individual cleaning occasions in case of illness.

My cleaning is on a red day

We do not work on Midsummer Eve, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve or Red Days. If one of your cleaning occasions is scheduled on such a day, the cleaning occasion will automatically be canceled.
Of course you are welcome to contact us if you want a new time in connection with the regular day and we will do our best to arrange this. However, we cannot guarantee that your regular cleaner / maid is available.

This is how our cleaning service work

Initial phone call

We establish what services you would like us to provide and we will give you an estimation about the time required to carry them out. We will also inform you about the coming steps in the process.

Home cleaning

Your cleaner will perform a cleaning on the appointed time.


Your contact at our office will call you the day after the cleaning and check how it went. In case you are not satisfied with the cleaning we will fix this as soon as possible, free of charge. If you feel satisfied with the service, we move on to the next step in the process.

Cleaning supplies

If you choose to subscribe to our cleaning products, we regularly deliver these to your door as they begin to run out. Of course, you can use the products as much as you want between the cleanings! P.S. We can of course also clean with your own cleaning products if you prefer.

Continuous follow-ups

We will continuously keep in touch to make sure that you are happy with the service provided and you are of course always welcome to contact us regarding any questions or issues.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning products

Tidynu! offers home cleaning with environmentally friendly cleaning products from the Swedish company Pure Effect – it will be clean and fresh with care for you and nature. The products are based on efficient biotechnology and clean down deep into the smallest pores of the material.

Biotechnical cleaning agents

Part of our everyday life

Biotechnology involves using nature’s own logic, microorganisms, to create products that we benefit from in our society. Biotechnology, bacterial cultures and enzymes are used today in all possible areas, from purifying water to produce sour milk that we eat. Or to clean the home!

Sustainable cleaning is our future

Today, ”clean” means more than just removing the dirt. More and more people are choosing environmentally friendly cleaning products with care about people, the environment and the materials around us. Biotechnology is a gentle yet effective alternative that greatly reduces the use of chemicals in our everyday lives. An agent for all surfaces replaces the mix of chemo bottles with traditional cleaning. Switching to biotechnology saves the sea, air, plants, animals – and you and your family, of course.

Documented harmless

All microbiological life is divided into four classes. The bacteria found in the products we use belong to class 1 and are documented harmless to human animals and nature.

Clean longer

The detergent we use cleans in depth and leaves an active biofilm that continues to clean even after cleaning. The microorganisms continue to break down dirt and keep away odor-producing bacteria.

Used by the pros

Detergents based on biotechnology are not really new to the market. The products have been used in professional cleaning since fifteen years, including municipalities, schools, airports, amusement parks and large companies.

Delivery to the door

If you use our subscription for detergents, you no longer have to think about buying detergents, we deliver them to you continuously as they are consumed.

Read more about the products on Pure Effect’s website



What parts are included in the house cleaning?

See our checklist. Of course, we can help you with other parts as well, such as oven cleaning, window cleaning, etc. Please notify us in such cases and we will schedule this.

Do you perform large-scale cleaning / display cleaning / moving cleaning / window cleaning?

Yes we do! Contact us for quotation.

Is it possible to communicate with the cleaners?

Many of our employees understand and can communicate in Swedish or English. However, we recommend that you inform our customer service if you have any special requests or requirements and we can pass this on.

Do you do a criminal background check when recruiting cleaners?


In which cities are you active?

In Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala and Västerås.

What sets Tidynu apart! from other cleaning companies?

Communication and personal commitment. We focus on maintaining a close dialogue with our customers and often agree that the cleaning maintains high quality and standard. All customers are different, but we want you to get the cleaning you want by capturing your wishes, opinions and feedback early. In addition, the environment is important to us, which means that we work with Pure Effect, which delivers climate smart and sustainable products.


What do I need to have at home for you to clean with me?

Regardless of whether you subscribe to our cleaning equipment subscription or not, you must have a vacuum cleaner, cleaning cloths, mop and bucket at home and wash the cleaning cloths between each cleaning occasion.

How much does your subscription with Pure Effect cleaning products cost?

SEK 99 / month. This is not possible according to the Swedish Tax Agency’s rules for making RUT deductions.

If I subscribe to cleaning products (Pure Effect), can I use the products myself too?

Yes absolutely. We encourage you to use these products as residues of chemical-based detergents can remove the effect of Pure Effect.

What are the benefits of using sustainable cleaning products from Pure Effect?

It is many. It gets clean in depth while being good for both family, cleaners and the environment. It is also easy to use. Read more about the benefits here.


What does it cost?

Regular price is SEK 220 / hour after RUT deduction. If you also hire us for childcare through Nannynu! you can find out about our combination discounts. Read more about this here. If you want to subscribe to our subscription with cleaning products, SEK 99 / month will be added. If you want us to use your own rags and detergents, you won’t have to pay that cost.

Do you have any hidden fees?

No. You pay per hour that the cleaner is with you. We have no administration fee, setup fee or similar. The exceptions are invoice fee of SEK 25 / avi if you want paper invoice as well as costs if we are to bring cleaning material to a large cleaning.

What does the RUT deduction mean?

This means that you are allowed to deduct your tax when you hire ex. a cleaning company such as Tidynu! You only pay half the amount and the rest we apply for from the Swedish Tax Agency. Please note that you as a customer are responsible for keeping track of whether you are entitled to a RUT deduction and if you have money left in the pot (usually SEK 50,000 / pers and calendar year). Also note that the RUT deduction can only be used for labor costs, not material costs. Read more about the RUT deduction on the Swedish Tax Agency’s website.

When do you send out the invoice?

We compile all hours you spend in the month and send out an invoice around the 10th of the month after. If you used cleaning in October, then the invoice for these hours will come around November 10.

Are you also a babysitting customer, we co-operate with Nannynu! the months you have both cleaning and childcare.

What payment options do you offer?

The default is pdf invoice via email. We also offer payment via direct debit and paper invoice (SEK 25 / avi).

How long is your payment time?

The due date is the 26th of each month.

Want us to contact you?

Let us know how we can help you or if you have any questions. Fill out the form below and we will contact you in one work day.

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